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TAI - 6.0"- 6.8"

TAI - 6.0"- 6.8"

This big guy high performance shortboard is the result of many years with shaper Jud Lau and world class power surfer Tai Vandyke working together, constantly tuning and refining, to come up with this design. This is a high volume short board with tons of drive. Single concave under the front foot transitioning into a double concave under the back foot results in amazing speed combined with spectacular control and stability! Medium to full rails combined with a Hawaiian style(built for hollow waves) continuous rocker with a little kick in the nose and tail allow for beautiful arcing turns, radical straight up snaps, and huge buckets like Tai! Works best at reef breaks and point breaks in the waist high to several feet overhead size range. Tai is 6’1” and 235 lb and his dimensions are 6’3” X 19-1/2” X 2-7/8”.

    • LENGTH 6.0", 6.1", 6.2", 6.3", 6.4", 6.5", 6.6", 6.8" 
    • WIDTH 19", 19.25", 19.375", 19.50", 19.625", 19.75", 19.875", 20"
    • HEIGHT 2.625", 2.75", 2.75", 2.875", 3", 3.125", 3.25"


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